Sevilla - Man United U 2,5 1.76
Shakhtar D. - Roma 2 3.00
Derby - Leeds 1 1.83
Rochdale - MK Dons 1 1.90
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Souroti...ri !

04.08.2017 01:08 - Leader

The Super League on Thursday (3/8) approved the announcement of the championship and decided to start it as originally planned on August 19-20, but there are still serious puzzles in the television and play offs. The information that ERT has submitted a proposal of 600,000 euros to get a 30 race match from this year's championship was defeated by the Super League. However, contacts between the Government, the League and the ERT, in order for the state channel to take 30 championship games, including 8-10 games of large teams (such as Panionios - PAOK, Atromitos - Olympiakos, etc.) for the time being Has no effect.

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What they did in the League was to buy more time even though the margins are tight. The intention of the cooperative is to agree with ERT on the 30-pack package, compared to 3 million euros, to give this amount to small groups, which will cover 75% of the 18% haircut, requested by the NOVA on the TV contract. If eventually there is agreement with ERT, all sides will be satisfied as much as possible.

Otherwise, NOVA's 18% reduction claim will not be accepted as it implies for the future of the championship. In this case, the subscriber channel is expected to terminate the contract and inevitably many groups will face a sustainability problem

Beyond that, the Super League decided to leave 16 teams in the category rejecting the proposal to drop to 14.
There was a lot of tension when the conversation turned to play offs. The big clubs, and especially Olympiacos and PAOK, have called for the play offs to be discontinued, but the small teams have reacted strongly by arguing that there is a clause in the NOVA contract that provides playoff games, so if they are not made they will have to bear the cost Wholly the big ones. The elders refused to pay the clause and two votes on the issue followed.
Finally there was an ambiguous wording in the announcement that the play offs will be made but how they will be determined at the next Board of Directors!

The next BoD is on Friday, August 18th, the eve of the start of the championship!
And there will be talked about the issue of television, which has virtually no progress, and the issue of play offs that is still pending.

The Super League announcement

At today's meeting of the Extraordinary General Meeting and the Super League's Board of Directors, the following decisions were taken:
1 / The Uniform Call for Proclamation of the Super League League of Soul 2017-18 was approved.

2 / An Extraordinary General Meeting was convened on, inter alia, the election of representatives of the Super League to the Executive Committee of the EPA.

3 / It was decided unanimously that the Super League ask the EPA to include in the CFP a forecast that the Greek Cup matches will be held on stadiums that meet the Super League licensing requirements.

4 / Unanimous decisions were taken to submit to the EPA requests for amendments to regulations, aimed at improving the Super League Super League.