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€ 222 million clause ...

28.07.2017 15:26 - Leader

Parisians pay the € 222 million clause. But what is it that drives the Brazilian superstar from the Camp Nou? Since 2005 he has been in Porto, Andro Enrice has built his ferocious reputation and managed to be considered the most expensive technical director in Portugal. The extensive network he set up in South America gave the Dragons mythical profits from sales that the Portuguese businessman decided to take and invest on them. Hams Rodriguez, Falcao, Hulk, Deko, Anderson, Danilo, Alex Sandro, Zardell, Lisandro Lopes, Luts Goncalves are the most prominent of this group. Enrique was doing all the ... dirty work, and the notorious president, Jorge Nuno, Pinto da Costa, was fond of money and blessings.

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Only when in June of this summer the Paris decided to make the most paid technical director in the world, 49chronos entered into much more demanding trails and different types of transactions. The claims of the Parisians were out of reality, but if he was one step away from achieving something that seemed impossible, not only treating the great summer bay, but what will be in history as the most expensive of all time.
Neimar thinks it more than seriously. The Brazilian is reportedly cooked and agreed. Spain wrote Thursday morning that the friendly against United was the ultimate match with the Blaugrana. The last scenario is now only science fiction can not be seen, argues that the superstar from Sao Paulo has agreed Sunday and can even be signed, as Paris had put an ultimatum until the end of the week.

From then on, it is reasonable to be born a lot of related questions as daily information leaks out on the case. Money, player's requirements, lawyer-law and along with the possible causes for his possible flight. One has to do with his Brazilian friends. According to the Globo newspaper, even Danny Alves has reportedly preferred Paris from the City after a conversation that ended with "Going Paris to get the Champions League together". From then on the «Parisien» claims that Neymar asked me if signed, keep Lucas Moura and to bring to the City of Light Kooutinio or Alexis Sánchez.

Generally the Brazilian paiktaras has claimed to be on the roster investment, but if and when paid clause of € 222 million., Is obviously unlikely obtainable other possible names in the same season. Let's go to the amount of travel. This is the number in which Barca directs the case and does not discuss anything less. Also released 120 million scenarios along with Marko Verati. But the most likely thing is to pay the clause, and as the Equipe says, lawyers are getting angry, looking for all the details of this so complicated move, and because of the taxi, so they are covered and have no interference, like Barcelona, When he bought him from Santos.

And somewhere here comes and ties the big question: Why would such a great paiktaras leave Barca to move to second team Ligue 1, which has a ceiling in the Champions League quarter-finals? The issue of the tax, conviction and fines in Spain has plagued him and has tarnished his reputation but is not so serious as to take him away from the Camp Nou. Neimar now considers that he grew up and is no longer in the shadow of Lionel Messi as it is now. Strikingly placed on the left edge of the attack does not have the freedom of movement that he would like, Happens when he plays with Seleasao. He believes he gives more for his teammates in front of the MSN triple than they do to him. For example, when Mesi-Luis Suarez put together 66 goals, he stayed at 13.

At the age of 25, it is time to become the absolute No. 1 in a team and this is not going to happen in Barcelona as long as the city is illuminated by the Argentine sorcerer's star. This way he will not be able to win the "Golden Ball", which considers that it is based on its quality. Now why do they have to do it in Paris? Because his father, manager, mentor and one who makes the decisions, has convinced him that there would thrive.

The truth, however, is that the Parisians are the only ones who can and still want to give the 222 million, but also the 150 million plus five-year bonuses. And that's how Antero Enriche goes to do the miracle. After sucking the ears of Neimar Santos, he will not have trouble convincing his son. Moreover, as Neimar the younger has admitted: "My father arranges for everything. Economics, transcripts, for the family. I just play a ball. " And she is extremely likely to be charmed in Paris ...