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'el tractore'

29.06.2017 16:42 - Leader

In a career that lasted more than two decades, Javier Janeti saw it all. Even from 2014, when he hung his shoes, to date, his program is complete. It has a non-profit organization in Argentina that employs over 1,000 children, is Vice President at Inter and also maintains a restaurant in Milan. El gaucho always keeps a table for special guests. The Nerazzurri coach, Stephan Pioli, his assistant, Walter Samuel and all the technical staff, are all invited for dinner - and their host wants them all ready. "It's the first time I've made a prickly costume," he says in front of the FFT cameras ...

Who gave you the nickname 'el tractore'? How did it occur;
"He started in Argentina and had to do with the way I played, by covering the whole stadium without stopping. When I went to Milan, Italian journalists asked their colleagues in my home country. They learned my nickname and adapted it to 'el tractore'. And so he stayed until I became a leader and then I became 'il capitano'. Nobody mentioned me as 'el tractore' again. "

Did you work as a builder with your father? What did you teach this about the importance of hard work? Can you still build a wall today?
"This was one of the best times of my life, one of the things I enjoyed most. Not only because I helped him and spend time with him but also because it was an experience to see firsthand the sacrifices my father made for offering to the family. He was with me all my life and led me during my career. And of course, I still know how to build a wall, I did not forget it. If I had to do it, I would do it. The day my father encouraged me to become a footballer was when we were working on a wall and I was 12. Before I became a professional, I was going to milk at home, I woke up at 4 in the morning, then went to school and the afternoon to workout. "

There is a montage of your photos from the 20 years in Inter and you look like yourself all the while. What's the secret? Is it true that you always have the haircut that your mother gave you?
"I have seen them, yes, and they are the same photos! But there is no secret, you just have to be passionate about what you are doing. As for the haircut, my mother drove me like that until 12. Then I went to the hair salon and changed them a bit, as it is to date. "

I once heard a story that when you went to Inter, you had your shoes in a plastic bag and the fans in the training center did not know who you are. Is true;
"The official presentation was at Terrazzo Martini. I arrived with Sebastian Ramper, an aggressor who was going to Inter for Indipendente. The president, the leader, Giuseppe Bergomi, and some members of the administration welcomed us. It was the first time I'd been in Milan and it was raining. After that, the team went for preparation and I went there with my shoes in a plastic bag. No one knew who I was, it was another time, I was a stranger. I passed among the fans who were looking for their idols and a few minutes later they realized that I was a new transcript. In my first season at Inter, I was alone and then the mobile was new and expensive. There was a card phone near my home in Como, so I got a card and stood talking to [then his girlfriend] Paula. The people who waited said bad things, especially since it was very cold in the winter, but I kept talking. "

Why did you become so upset when Roy Hudson made you change before the penalty shootout in the 1997 UEFA final? How was Roy a coach?
"At that moment I did not accept the change. I had played well and I did not think that the player who enters [Nicholas Bertie] will shoot a penalty shootout. I understood it later, my decision was boiling. Later we embraced and even today I have an excellent relationship with Hodgson. He was a good coach, always well prepared and took care of all the little details. "

What kept you at Inter for your better years, from 1999 to 2004 when the team did not win anything? Did you have suggestions from other groups?
"I was sure Inter's time would come. I spoke with the president, Morati, and my family. I was the leader, but I wanted to leave my stigma in the club. Surely there were difficult times, but the administration showed confidence in the team that was being built and we worked together to achieve what we wanted for years. When you sign in to Inter, the group makes you feel like a family member like a new son. "

Have you ever had the opportunity in your career to get a transcript in England?
"Yes, there were some rumors that Manchester United wanted to acquire in the late 1990s. I met Alex Ferguson once at the airport as I was in England with my wife. We talked a bit about football, but I always stayed with the idea of ​​staying at Inter, even in difficult times, it would be very difficult for me to leave under any circumstances. It was not just Manchester United, there were other big teams, but my love for Inter was above all. "

How disappointed you were with the Calciopoli scandal and that other teams were trying to take advantage in the wrong way. Have you ever suspected anything? Are you approaching as long as you are in Serie A?
"We were just concentrating on playing football and despite suspicion, we were disappointed not to have the results we wanted. Then all the truth became known and it was a very difficult chapter for Italian football. The whole world was watching, I hope it will not happen again. It is important to remember what happened but I think that what we have to do is leave the bad episodes in the past by thinking about the championships we took and the way we got them. "

How did you stand on the Valencia-Inter Milan field in the panic that prevailed in 2007 in the Champions League? What caused it? Have you ever seen anything worse?
"It was a tight match in Mestalla. Valencia passed away thanks to the away goals and after the final whistle there was a clear challenge and that was where we reacted. After that, everyone saw what had happened. One of Valencia's substitutes [David Navarro] hit Nicholas Bourdiso and broke his nose. On the pitch, it was the worst I've seen, it was unexpected and really should not have happened. "

What is the best story you can tell us from co-existence with Zlatan in Inter?
"What a stunning child, a great character and a player who can make a difference. His three years with us were extraordinary and full of titles, but the one I will never forget, he was in training. The ball was in the air, lifted his leg over the head of the 'opponent' and killed the ball with the most delicate touch you can ever see. Tae Kwon Do did, so you did not expect his moves. When you see such a height you think he will not be a craftsman, but he is a separate kind of footballer, he is unique. We were lucky to have him. "

Inter took ten players in Camp Nou and went into the Champions League final in 2010. Was this one of the top defensive appearances you have participated in? Did you feel how many things this meant for Zose Mourinho?
"First of all, please let us not forget the extraordinary aggressive appearance of the first race, which we were imposing on Barcelona in San Siro. Although we were early to lose, we were so confident that we would do our job and beat them comfortably 3-1. The second leg was a stunning defensive look, yes, but not because we had designed it that way. It was the way we had to react after Tiago Motta was eliminated in the first 30 minutes. We showed great personality, vigor, self-denial, we were solid, and we fought to find the final against a team that was considered the best in the world and perhaps one of the best in history. As a player, sometimes you have the feeling that something good will happen, that you can make it unlikely. I saw Samuel Eto, basically playing next to me as a right back in the whole match although he was aggressive, because the team needed so much extra coverage. He was ready to sacrifice himself for the team and to help defeat Messi, Chave and the other players. This shows how much our team wanted to reach the final. "

Mourinho was controversial in Italy, many times you have been in the press. What did the players think about it? Was it creating a climate of adversity that helped you make wins?
"For us, Mourinho has always been an excellent coach. He is a person with a strong personality who prepares each match in every detail. Every player on the pitch knew exactly what to do and how to react according to how the match progresses. That was his strong point. In the two years that Zose was at Inter, the team was always amazingly prepared. "

The 2010 Champions League final was No700 for you at Inter and you won the monster. Was this the top moment in your career?
"Yes, no doubt. I could not ask for more. But let me fix you. It has been known as a thriller, but we won five titles that year together with the Italian Super Cup and the World Championship. That's why I say it was the top moment since the team caught its peak. "

How did you win the Champions League after 15 years with Inter?
"It was a dream come true that we put International again on the world map. We left our name in the Champions League and it was special because we knew how much our fans want it. It was amazing that we did it. While we were at Bernabeu for the interviews after the fight, we saw a picture of the fans gathered at Piazza del Duomo and we wanted to be there with them. Our flight arrived at 6 o'clock in the afternoon and San Siro was full of fans waiting for us to show them the trophy. These are my best memories. "

What was the climate in changing rooms after the Champions League final in 2010 knowing that Mourinho is leaving? Was that why things got worse next season?"There were celebrations in the locker room. What we have done is something that is even mentioned and it was great pleasure we could do it. Later we all thought about his decision but you can not think of the future right after the Champions League conquest. "

Did you go to run between your wedding ceremony and the reception? What did your wife say about this?
"What to say, you knew me! [Laughter] At Serie A we always have a break on Christmas but for only a week, so I wanted to continue my training. I was married on 23 December, so that day I had to train. I did the usual things of the wedding and after that, I went out for a quick run. "

You completed the phase as a training after a fool in England against Mundial in 1998. How many times did you work it?
"To answer your question, we did it for four years, what was the coach of Daniel Pasarella. What the world does not know is that the plan was to shoot Ariel Ortega and not me. Pasarella told me "go and sit at the end of their wall." I was lucky because he went in and we went through the quarter-finals. I still remember when the ball came to me. Though the left-handed superstar went perfectly and I knew it would come. "

Clean up this once and for all. Did the Argentine players cheat the English on the bus after winning the penalty shootout? If so, why?
"No, there was no such thing. The match was tense since it was in the World Cup but there was no lack of respect either for the English players or for their fans. "

The fact that you stayed out of Argentina for the 2006 and 2010 Mundial has blunted your presence in the National? Have you spoken since then with Jose Peckerman or Diego Maradona?
"No, I have not spoken to them, nor do I want to do it. I have my conscience clean, I did everything that went by my hand to be called. Not only that, I played many times in the qualifiers for both of these World Cups and in the first match after them. My desire to be there was always clear. I do not think it's a blemish in my career, I have not regretted anything. Everything is part of the football, you have to accept some things and never look back, always look in front ".

Have you played with players like Diego Simeone and Maurizio Pocetino, did you expect to become top coaches? Are there any other ex-teammates who can do something like that? Do you want to be a coach?
"Many years before I retired, it was clear to me that I want to be what I am now, someone who has a club relationship but not a coach Now that I am vice president at Inter, I could not be happier and prouder than I can I feel useful. Even when we were playing, Simeone and Poketino were like coaches, they made you feel like they would follow such a career. As for other teammates, an excellent future coach is Estampan Kabiasi, he was like the other two. "

If you had to return to football, which team would you play? You can not say Inter, sorry.
"I would chose Independente, since I am a fan of it, but unfortunately I have never had the chance to play on it. I started football from its academies but left me because I was not strong enough, as with many players. I was Ricardo Bockini and I went to the in-and-home field in 1983. The following season they won the Intercontinental Cup defeating Liverpool, so I would definitely chose it. "