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Shakhtar D. - Roma 2 3.00
Derby - Leeds 1 1.83
Rochdale - MK Dons 1 1.90
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14.06.2017 14:20 - Leader

"Fire" has taken the news over the past few days regarding the next stage in the career of Zlaten Ibrahimovic. Every day, the international press records possible and ... unlikely matches of the Swedish striker with clubs around the world. And because ... Zytan is he and he can sign ... yesterday in a group - even wearing crutches with unknown retreat time going to see the five most likely destinations in his "Imbra" career after his release from Manchester United. Whether in the summer transcription period or in the coming January.
Milan has often expressed his admiration and his love for the "roseneri", stating that his years of stay in the team were the best in his career. Ibrahimovic was a resident of San Siro during the 2010-2012 season, winning a league in 2011 (the last of his club to date). He may have five years since he left, but AC Milan has not come out of his heart, but also of his wife. In particular, Elena Szeger has declared she loves Milan and that one day she would like to return there. And as is well-known, wives' wishes always play a major role in any decision by the players. Even if he is Zlatean.

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The United States is currently the No1 favorite for the next destination in Ibrahimovic's career. In fact, Spanish reports say that Los Angeles Galaxies (formerly Beckham and Gerard) were close to an agreement with the Swedish striker. Beyond Galaxy, however, the MLS is all appealing. In the USA, big stars of world football are struggling and the level of racing has risen much in recent years. And of course, it's not ... China. Also, the championship starts in March, so Zlata will have finished his recovery.

He would not ... play any particular team among the candidates for the next station in Ibrahimovic's career if he had not put a "fire" on the swordsman's spokesman a few months ago. Mino Raiola had stated that his client was "in love" with the city and the group as he grew up in a family that looked very much like the Napolitans in passion. Shortly afterwards, he tried to pick them up, since Zlatan was a United footballer and was contracted with her. Now, however, this is not the case, so "everything can happen", as the well-known manager had done.

"The murderer always returns to the crime scene" and in the case of Ibrahimovic the Swedish team will always be his first love and possibly the everlasting. Where he made his first football steps before opening his wings for the biggest European clubs. If Zlata wanted to complete his career in the team he started, returning to his home country, Malmö could be his next destination. With his 'legged' foot, the Swedish championship looks like an ideal choice. Not many - and strong - races have, and it starts in the spring and ends in November. So, in the new year, when he will have recovered, "Ibbra" why not return to Malmö?

China is the hottest destination in recent years for world football stars heading towards the end of their career or those who have no extra ambition, preferring tens of millions. Ibrahimovic could have followed ... the silk road last year, but he preferred to continue at the highest level of play and Manchester United. China's choice would have been ruled out in Zataan's case, since he was absolutely healthy, but no one knows how the recovery period will evolve. In the event that the limbs bend him (a tricky piece), why not make a last "rapper"? Although - we repeat - this is far from its ambitious character.
Finally, the most unlikely destination with its return to active action is Manchester C. A few days ago, the "Red Devils" decided to let him go, since the Swede would not be able to offer his services before the New Year. Here, however, some additional parameters are introduced. First, Ztain will continue to train at Universal's facilities, and her people will know firsthand their level of readiness when rehoming. Secondly, he maintains excellent relations with José Mourinho and third, the English team is heading for Ibrahimovic's substitute Alvaro Morata. If the Spaniard does not deliver the expectations at the start of the season, why not improve the team in January with an "Imbra" quality player?