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#InterIsComing ...

10.06.2017 14:14 - Leader

A year ago, Zing Jingong, owner of Suning, welcomed in China Eric Tohir and other club actors to formalize the stock market. Now, a year later, Jidong welcomed Piero Auzilio and Luciano Spaleti to formalize the deal with the coach. The fact that he is the ... 4th, although the first one found him ready (Mancini), in a year of his "government", confirms the obvious: It is extremely difficult to immediately operate all the clock after such an administrative change. Now, in the second summer of the Chinese, extremely difficult seems to make the same mistakes. While he is pushing them, at least communicatively, the fellow citizen at the moment ...

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Milan may have the Donaruma theme open, but has managed to close at the moment, giving the impression that she is very much ahead of her planning. Given that Milan is "owned" by the Chinese, data between Rosoneri and Nerazhouri will always be such comparisons. Inter is, obviously, not so much in front of her movements as a fellow citizen, but the truth is that she has no reason to hurry because she has no, well or bad, obligations in Europe. The "poor" will be said by the Chinese, the "good" will probably be said by Spaleti. After months of thinking about who is appropriate and having played several scenarios, Nerazhouri ended up with the former technician of the Roma and now they have to put in front of them. And the administrators support him in what he asks.
"What they ask" does not only concern who will come and who will leave, but also how the team will work during the summer. Why, according to Felipe Mello, for example, in the same period last year, Inter ... was destroyed. "If Roberto Mansini was left, we would definitely have gone to the Champions League. All but stunned early. We were not all players in preparation for a number of reasons, we had to be on the field daily and work to become a team but we were constantly on the plane to take part in all the tournaments and the friendly ones, "the Brazilian said, focusing on a A major problem: The Chinese are sensible to want to advertise the team anywhere on earth, searching for fans. That is money. For the coach, however, it is logical for the team to make proper preparations.

The presence of Walter Sabatini in the administration, as ... equal to the Ausillius, psychologically helps Spaleti in this new beginning. Allenatore has near him a man who knows well and trusts him, which means he will have more support for any request. And the first such, as reported by the media, is the acquisition of a player for the center and a shotgun that will greatly increase the quality of the team in the defense. Naturally, not only these, but these are the priorities of Spaleti, who realizes that Inter is his last great opportunity. Having left Rome with most fans of Tzalorossi feeling good (or even indifferent) and not bad about it, everybody understands that Spaleti should "answer". If he succeeds in Inter, it comes what the Italians call consacrazione (deposition, affirmation, recognition, acceptance, etc.). If it fails ...

In order for the coach to succeed, he does not just have to have Sabatini next to him. He needs to know that there is financial comfort to make the additions that the team needs. For months, Italian media reported that Suning will spend € 200-250 million on transfers in order to provoke a revolution, but now that the time of operations is approaching, the scenario changes somewhat. "The available pool will not be less than 100-110 million euros and will add to what comes from sales," Gazzetta dello Sport wrote two days ago and this sounds a bit different from "throwing 200-250 and causing panic" . Unless in Nerazhoura, Milan is estimated to receive another 100-150 million euros from sales. For now, however, they are looking for the most "painless" way to get 30.

Having already received a bell from UEFA due to the Financial Fair Playr, Inter is able to come to an agreement with the European federation. However, for the implementation of what has been agreed, by the 30th of June, when the balance sheet for 2016-17 closes, the Inter will have to receive EUR 30 million in revenue from the sale of a player. This player believed that it would be Ivan Perisic, who is alleged to be Angels (French) and French (Paris Saint Germain) but Spaleti lit up red and asked for his stay. The coach believes the Croatian is one of the few roster players who can make the difference and ask for his stay, making it difficult for Ausillius to play.
In order to find these 30 million euros, therefore, Nerazhuri will have to sell some of Jovec, Radokia, Brozovic, Banega, Mourigo directly. None of them is counted for the new season and some of them will have to leave immediately and bring money. Beyond that, the money that the rest will bring, from this list always, will be added to the 100-110 that are ready for transcripts. The amount, as everyday things change in football, but also with the "threatening" publications of previous months about the Milanese's transcriptional moods, does not seem as big as it may be. It's great, however, the amount they have put into the club in this first year of their presence the Chinese.

A total of € 400 million, counting on them and the money he gave in a side-by-side manner, as a sponsorship due to FFP, Suning. Money, that is, to rename the training center or as a sponsorship to the training jerseys.
This money, of course, does not regret that the Chinese gave it. What they regret is that they let Eric Tohir decide on Manchini's successor or other club moves, and that's why, according to the latest reports, they are preparing to remove any power, despite having 31% Of the shares in the near future. It has already been limited, with Steven Jiang, son of the boss. This is what will supervise everything in the next three months in order to do everything right. And from that point on, when the time is right for the start of the season, it will be a matter of Spaleti presenting a group as needed so that the motto that Nerazhouri is now launching becomes convincing.
"We are all going through difficult times, what counts is to be ready when the battle begins.