Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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Antonio Konte ...

19.12.2016 18:06 - Leader

I was among the admirers of the work of Antonio Conte Juventus, but last summer I was not among those who would bet on him to win the title in the Premier League. In fact I was among those who doubted much about whether the Italian coach would be able to adapt, to become familiar with the specifics of the nature of the English championship and become effective in time. So I doubted very much for the longevity of the bench of Chelsea. No, I did not get any serious option of betting companies to show off in late September to favorite dismissal, but did not think the coach that I met in his time at Juventus could demonstrate both great flexibility and diplomacy in the new environment and so I thought very likely not be able to adjust. Apart from everything else, it was the fact that Chelsea had not seriously reinforce the signings last year, "xezoumismeni" adoption, it had completely collapsed at the hands of Jose Mourinho.

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This is how, in a hurry, I had the impression that the short will also prove a name in a list of coaches who worked with Abramovich. Today however, the short lives with Chelsea at the top of the table and breathe the fresh air of a 6-point difference and the aroma of the ten winning streak, not record them surprising. It is mainly the humility that leads the public behavior 47chronou coach, the way public standing before you achieve during the last 2.5 months. No, the short was not conceited, not the case nor the time to go from one title to another with Juventus, but most of the current position, the need he feels to be recognized and established itself in the consciousness of the English society of football , they admired much more than that on this showing with Chelsea. Before you stand on points with surprise have more in the way of Bourbon, let's put in mind the findings of a comparison of Chelsea's performance this year with last year's performance, but also to those who had the year before, when he won the title in England. This year's team scores 2.12 goals per match. Last year's rate was 1.55, while the coefficient of the title season was 1.92. This year Chelsea receives 0.69 goals per game last year and the year before accepting 1.39 0.84 goals per match. This year keeps the ball exactly as the year before (514.12 passing per game this year, 514.50 passing per game two years ago), has approximately the same accuracy rate on transfers (85% - 84%), making the same number of opportunities per match ( 12,12 this year, the year before 12.26, 10.61 last year) shoots more than the year before (15.56 this year, last year, 13.84, 14.84 season 2014-'15), and make fewer mistakes defensively (0, 25 per game this year, 0.66 last year, 0.50 the year before).

Until today the racing project is more complex than what we imagined the observer at the time when he learned that Conde takes Chelsea and not renovating the roster. Italian builds on a good defense (the best in the league with 11 conceded goals, along with Tottenham) and takes full advantage of the efficiency of Diego Costa and the other performers. Chelsea is in top5 groups make greater possession per game (54% average is sixth, behind the United), but it is the third in the accuracy to transfers, ie a group that makes effective use of the ball thanks in surgical game. With time occupation and number of attacks manifests, Chelsea will not be managed as many strikes during the last 10 games if he had not in such good condition over Diego Costa (12 goals - five assists), the Eden Hazard (8 goals - 1 assist), Pedro (3 goals - 5 assists), and if he did not build a defense as good as last year materials and the addition of Cadets, Marcos Alonso, Moses. In all these findings but reflect the influence of Bourbon. He managed to convince Diego Costa that there is damage to the career of a stay at Chelsea and then began to believe him gitefsei and koulantrisei him so as to have him live here and 2.5 months in the races without yellow card. He managed to step onto the summer rejuvenation azar and presents the player we again admire the year before and we lost last year. This shows Pedro the largest and most significant contribution to the Chelsea game, he chose Marcos Alonso and chose to keep "noikiariko" Moses. This Courtois once again becomes the one that existed before last year spoiled the Belgian international goalkeeper. This reinterprets the Matic adopting the period 2014-'15 and not the last. This shows both an open mind in the case of Cesc Fabregas consistently have gotten him 1 goal and 2 assists, although not firmly hold the body of the basic shape.

What surprises me more though is that the short or rant or even often boasts publicly for all. And not only that remains conservative because he has helped to realize that the Premier League is very long way to go and therefore Chelsea has not yet reached, but mostly it remains disarmingly honest. All these great record that brought Chelsea to the top were beginning the turning point of the match against Arsenal, the last defeat, 3-0 on 24 September. It was then that the Count left aside and went 4-1-4-1, in the second half, the 3-4-3, which never changed until today. And he not only does not represent the cunning and wise, with statements of "I had it in my mind, would I returned, I knew" type, but does the exact opposite. With sincerity said that this formulation was not in the original plan in the season, that had such a purpose, that it had based its work of preparing the 4-2-4, which is perceived as entirely compatible with the characteristics of the players who had and that changed direction when it found, in that half against Arsenal and training sessions that followed, that the players responded better to pitch up in this formation. It has great confidence and feel great confidence in the abilities of a coach to make such a public acknowledgment - revelation. And judging by what happens in the last row of Chelsea's matches, the coach not only not diminished, but the contrary, taller in the assessment of the players, because they show that trust the plan and follow it blindly, acting with consciousness that the coach knows, sees and is so flexible that you need will change again and will not persist as opinionated dying with original ideas.

Exactly what after all was that Conte commented after yesterday stressful win against Sunderland (0-1), staying troubled by the finding that the opponent David cations chose to change their own 3-4-3 formation in order to block the game Chelsea. "I understand that more and more opponents put aim to spoil our game and hinder our growth strategy and changing formation" was the public conclusion. A clear sign of a coach with great tactical flexibility and an open mind, which is a major update version of Conte Juventus. The Count has not imposed in the Chelsea dressing room on the day discipline of the Juve, not chasing players to detail as he did in Turin, not putting in training the tensions put Juventus, not imposed on players with absolutely had to Turin. In his first four months in London shows very well prepared, mature and ready to operate in a foreign championship for the first time in his professional life. No, so far it has not achieved absolutely nothing more than to keep his job. but he has created himself prospect of success. The Chelsea game is rarely entertaining, but such was the game of Juventus of Conte.

This year Chelsea reminds increasingly cynical Chelsea who won the last championship with Mourinho, but nobody waited Tiki Taka by Conte. And as Chelsea holds this aggressive efficiency and demonstrates the robustness of the last months in inhibitory function, the Conte, who has a team that no carries and will not carry the deterioration of European racing, may continue to surprise, and to continue to believe that it will reach the first in choosing not to become the eternal coach of Juventus and chase the dream of affirmation and away from home. In simple words, Conte has already started to become better.