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Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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«Break Even Point»

17.12.2016 15:15 - Leader

Big trouble this ruins the Financial Fair Play. More clubs and less for journalists, who are struggling to ferret unknown parameters, to understand and explain in writing. So there is a term, which is considered the point of the key institution. Called «Break Even Point» and in free translation is "neutral". It is about the limit where sales cover all the costs. Thereafter follows another "grace" threshold, which allows some acceptable losses, ie a small ... acceptable overall deficit. We said it is a little strange all this for those who have not and so the economic, but also extremely essential to understand what is experiencing the current moment Barcelona. "The truth is that we are little more than the 65% allowed. And this is something that worries us, as the players' wages are rising sharply and constantly threaten the welfare and proper development of the clubs in general. " With these words last September, Giuseppe Maria Bartomeou slightly alarmist. This allowed 65% referred to by the President of the blaugrana, the percentage of total costs may be a club pays its players. And Barca seems to have a serious problem. Not the numbers add up. Since last year it is in everyday life and have to make a financial juggling-corruption, as they say, and almost all the major rivals in the Champions League and more generally across Europe. The Catalans have tremendous revenue from tickets, television rights, sponsorships, advertising, trade and other activities. but lacking the transcriptional income and income from any fund the landlord, who is not present in this case. Here then the corresponding terribly costs come in calculated wages and social contributions of the players and team officials, transcripts, depreciation costs of a player, dividends and financing costs.

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As mentioned above, as salaries and their accessories (insurance contributions, tax office, depreciation costs), that the kinked «Break Even Point» for Barca. To make it more understandable, we will give an example. If we adopt that Neymar with the recent renewal will receive EUR 25 million. Per year (15 and 10 clearly even as holding various bonuses and targets), then we will see what total cost in Barcelona annually. It is these 25+ other 25 will go to the IRS (Ed .: the IRS gets 50% of gross) + insurance fees for the player who is close to 1.5 million. In these and added division of the market. If that is declared to be purchased in 2013 by Santos instead of 60 million. (Ed .: scenes went close to 90-100), the sum is divided by the years of his contract (Ed .: 2018 with the first signature, therefore, by five 60 = 12m.) and this is also called ... depreciation costs. In short the Neymar costs annually 63.5 million. This amount is huge and if you consider how much it takes in while Lionel Messi, and all the stars of the team together, then it is understood that reaches half a billion per year and kinked budget.

Barcelona currently can not buy a player. In the Financial Fair Play, you must first sell, because to cut from their salaries scenario is unrealistic. More specifically, the immediate needs of the winter transfer market, is a right back. For the Brazilian, Mario Fernandez, written in Spain or conversation may not be as cost close to 18 million. Euro. Here the issue still struggling with the 34 year old Dario Srna. And it is that it will cost to get it from Shakhtar, but should take and salary and FFP does not. The solution is written in Barcelona, ​​is the sale of Aley Vidal and reasonable. However, this is only temporary. The big problem will continue to exist for the Catalans. In order to maintain a roster with crazy-paid superstars like Messi, Neymar, Luis Suárez, etc., Should the club be more careful in the markets. For example, the transfer of Andre Gomes and Paco Alkather gold was not brought anything in return. Should the roster and have some more cheap, either to promote Carles type talents Allen from "chewed".

After course somewhat alarmist, we can say that there is an economic parallel reality, which generally allows the big clubs to slip from the grip of rigor of FFP. For Barcelona in particular, this fact is in the Near and Far East. Having got the big sponsorship for the shirt from the Japanese «Rakuten», is in talks with the «Qatar Foundation», the «Qatar Airways» and each commercial part of Qatar to strike the right balance of any cooperation. Something you find to give and get million. It is the name of the field? will be advertising on the jersey training? anything. Now, in the foreground appeared two Chinese organizations. This is the «BNN Technology» and «Guanghua School of Management at Peking University». Somehow as lateral sponsorship money will flow from there and in general from the Chinese market. So like this first phase Barcelona will be able to pay 70 mil. euro gross annually to Messi and will manage the loophole of the law to beat again right figures for the Financial Fair Play ...