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4 Golden Balls ...

13.12.2016 13:09 - Leader

The Portuguese Real Madrid star has emerged leading all for 2016 by France Football, reaching 4 Golden Balls, the top three of the best for the year is leaving in a few days, to be completed by Messi and Gkrizman. The revelation of the vote showed how Ronaldo received the majority of votes in relation to the Argentine "rival", after having reached the 745 points, against 316 of the leader of Barcelona. Several lower Antoine Gkrizman with 198 points in the process, but considers huge honor for him to be in 3rd place behind Ronaldo and Messi, which featured ... beasts of world football in an interview in France Football.

Real and Bayern wanted to avoid an Arsenal and finished in first place in its group, but the lottery is not made her a favor. He brought in the way of "Gunners" the Bavarians who awaken their bad memories. Besides two groups have teams 10 times in 2000/01 to today. Bayern counts five wins, Arsenal 3, two games have ended tied. Similarly, the German team has been shut out Angloustreis times in a phase of "16" (2005, 2013 and 2014). The other big game that took the draw was the Paris - Barcelona. Two groups also have met several times before. Usually, of course, they meet the phase of "8", but this year will play earlier. A total of eight times have been faced in the Champions League from 1994 until today. The Paris counts two victories, Barcelona 3 while three games have ended tied. Real drawn with Napoli and is naturally the favorite to qualify for the next phase. Interestingly Porto-Juventus and Sevilla and Leicester will kontraristoun with one of the two progressing to the last eight. As for the days of matches, the first match will be held on 14-15 and 21-22 February while repeating scheduled for 7-8 and 14-15 March.

Turkish Osmanlispor will find the 32 Europa League Olympiakos, with Schalke will play PAOK. In Faliro Touba and the first match. Luck smiled on the Reds have to face one of the weakest "strong" groups of the draw, but at the same time a relatively unknown set in the annals of European football. As the playoffs of the Champions League season 2013/14, PAOK will find ahead of Schalke, avoiding toughest groups but without can certainly boast that lucky.

Villarreal-Roma and Manchester Giounaitnent-Saint-Etienne two of the remaining couples that stand out against the Bilbao Ernesto Valverde APOEL, with Gladbach Fiorentina. The matches will be played on 16 and 23 February.

Briefly the Turkish team profiles, which finished first in their group ahead of Villarreal and Steaua Zurich. The team from Ankara passed as the first of the 12th group of the Europa League leaving behind, the Villarreal and Steaua Zurich. In the second participation in European competitions, and in 2005 he took part in the Intertoto Cup. To find the groups of this year's event passed the barrier of Zimprou Chisinau from Moldova in the second qualifying round, the Nome potassium from Estonia in the third and the Danish, Midtjylland, in the play-offs. Last year he finished 5th in the league with 52 points, one more than Galatasaray.

Last year did not participate in European competition this year qualified for the phase of "32" of the Europa League as the first of the 12th group of the Europa League. Garnered 10 points, one more than the second (and also an admissible) Vgiareal, and left off following the event, the Zurich and Steaua. Three victories in Zurich (2-0), Villarreal (1-2 off) and Steaua (2-0). Two defeats (2-1 at Bucharest with the same score in Zurich), in a 2-2 draw with Villarreal. After 14 games in the first division of the Turkish league has 22 points and is in 7th place ranking. Has ten points less than the leader of the ranking, Istanbul Basaksechir. It is the first group of the Cup with the Şanlıurfaspor, Gaziantepspor and Kirklarelispor. The first race (pp one was conducted) defeated 2-1 Gaziantepspor.

An old acquaintance of which Pitted and the 2013-14 season in the playoffs of the Champions League will find ahead of PAOK facing Schalke in a difficult draw for the team of Thessaloniki. PAOK has certainly proved that he enjoyed while difficult and 2013-14 came close to getting the qualification but did not succeed in the rematch had been on leave due punishment, Touba. One of the most famous teams of Germany and with a long history will find opposite of PAOK in phase 32 of the Europa League. A team that has won many titles, championships, cups and the UEFA Cup in 1996-97. The Schalke in December 2015 had 140,000 members.

Percy had arrived again at 32 of the Europa League where he was blocked by Shakhtar Ntonestk in double games knowing defeat Germany 3-0 in the second game. He as the first phase of "32" of the Europa League from Group I with 15 points having as opponents to Krasnodar, Salzburg and Nis. The group had five wins and just one defeat in the last race from Salzburg, scoring nine goals and conceding three. The Schalke might fared well in the phase of the Europa League group but Germany is lagging far behind this season. It is in 10th place in the Bundesliga with 17 points after 14 games and overall record 5 wins, 2 draws and seven defeats.