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«Cadena Ser»

07.12.2016 01:37 - Leader

In Spain no joke. The recently demonstrated in the case of Samuel Eto'o and even more so to that of Lionel Messi. When an issue arises evasion, the country's authorities have special sensitivity, especially this time of the crisis plaguing the people. Now we began this story with the "hidden treasure" Cristiano Ronaldo and no one knows what will be the outcome. The only certainty is that day by day the issue gets bigger and bigger dimensions and initially threatens his legacy and then the bigger picture or even the criminal record of superstars. But how are things overall? We tried to gather the basic parameters to draw a basic edge ... The reason for this question was a news released Tuesday afternoon. More specifically it was one mini interview with radio station «Cadena Ser», Carlos Krouthado. Who is the chief? This is the chairman of the Department of Inland Revenue techniques, as they call the Spaniards. Placing the Krouthado respect to the case, it is clearly of concern for CR7.

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"I would consider it highly likely that Ronaldo could be required to explain to a prosecutor or to the Tax Office. There are many data and information that have arisen against him and does not believe that the authorities with it will not engage. Logically initially asked representatives to produce certain documents and documents that will justify the economic activities concerning some revenue years, "the Krouthado said the case really is extremely difficult to be buried. The problem for Cristiano started by a leak-disclosure documents of «Football Leaks» and the relevant first publication by the German «Spiegel». Automatically became doom in Spain and reprinted around the world, as it was logical, since we are talking about the most expensive player in the world. The truth is that this has been a barrage of information on the subject and no one knows what is true or a lie, right or wrong. So we will mention some key facts, to make it easier to understand what is happening.

What chasing the Portuguese superstar seems to be multidimensional. One has to do with that appears to have granted the management of commercial rights of companies domiciled in the tax haven of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. For example there is the name of «Tollin Associates», which since 2009 has received 75 million. Euro as advertising revenue, but also «Adifore Finance», «Arnel Services» concluded with the player management contract until 2020. But the issue is more global and mixes Ronaldo even more because the name is included in a broader European research xepsachnizei the manager's activities. The versatile super agent, Jorge Mendes, along with Valencia owner, Peter Lim, through a Swiss bank and a company in Ireland is likely to launder money and perhaps threatening more Ronaldo, as it has been leaked that he has carried through this circuit close to 150 mil. euro. From this amount they want the authorities to check, if existent, since Ronaldo has made the Spanish Tax Office only 4%.

There's been many days that the side of the player publicly stated that he has settled his debts. But obviously it is not just so, and there are different amounts of left and right that are not listed. We do not know exactly what can be blamed, as it is not strictly illegal to have money outside the country in tax havens and has more to do with any laundering might have done and the money was not declared in Spain. Even officially there is no inquiry or complaint. However, the Spanish press is written that examined unofficially all activities Ronaldo since 2009 and more specifically for the two years 2011-'13. Total has paid in taxes by advertising in the years of the Real 75 mil. Euro (Ed .: there is no issue with the stated amounts of the contracts with the Madrileños), but rumors of the case indicate that the amount should be twice. And somewhere here comes the reasonable question of what will happen from now on. Longer possible scenarios until you can reach the trouble which will come in and if you get physical.

Here you see a recent statement by a specialist on the subject and the procedural. Paco Fernandez, consultant in sports rights explains one possible scenario: "The relevant department of the Tax Office must officially opened folder, to investigate thoroughly and to present the Prosecution. The same happened with Messi. If found that there are irregularities, the case can go to trial. Especially if the amounts are too large and not yet ruled and imprisonment. " In fact, according to the Director General of Inland Revenue Department, Jose Maria Molinedo not yet ruled out the possibility of a six-year sentence.

At any rate, the issue has met an enormous and still employ more badly Cristiano Ronaldo. Usually, in these cases, the research reveals guilt, as if not all, most of them from their fabulously paid stars do not declare all their earnings. The point is therefore not to sting. If happens, you are in trouble. And can according to justice everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but the harsh reality of social media to devour each applicant guilty and everyday life, Cristiano already sees the image of the public to receive serious blow. And this may be the smallest problem will be faced ...