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"The 5th beetle."

26.11.2016 03:59 - Leader

He was an artist of land, a legend of English football that ended a wreck, a victim of lifestyle and reputation. Like today, 11 years ago (25/11/2005) the George Best left his last breath at the age of 59 years. One could characterize the arrogant, egocentric, kavalimeno reed, crass, and gifted football player, good-hearted folk child, self-made and bleeding hearts. He lived a life full of goals, great football, but vagrancy, women and tons of alcohol. That was George Best, the man who could beat everyone in the stadium, but not bad in itself, off the field.

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Twin was born on May 22, 1946 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. From there they all began, and in 1961 he signed his first professional contract with Manchester United and at age 17 made "priests" with the shirt of the 'Red Devils'. Thanks to him, the team won the championship in 1965 and George Best is now a huge form of English football.
This is a rare type of player. A player with excellent technical training, capable of anything and unpredictable as it does not fit the human mind. Inside the stadium great things and the world deifies him. Meet such glory, similar to that of the Beatles. That is why the world press calls him. "The 5th beetle."

The excellent performances with the English team, which celebrates the championship again in 1967 and the Champions Cup in 1968 make him the best player in the world and FIFA designates the leading player in Europe that year. Nobody can argue with that, not even his enemies, because he remains the great footballer in history when they scored 6 times (!!!) in a game, towards Northampton on F.A. Cup! Six goals in a match!
With 137 goals to his credit comes in 1974 and started the decline of the large image. Gives his last game against Manchester United, after 13 years of excellent presence, aged just 26 years old and responsible, then stops and football career, and a wandering until 1984 without play football claims. The unsuitable for an athlete life, has absorbed and any efforts made to return to the top level is unsuccessful.

His love for drink, women and dissolute life, lead him to destruction and footballer with tremendous abilities, becomes an alcoholic guy creeps. It is graphic. Never manages to put logic over emotion, resulting exogipediki of life to become a benchmark ... Tucked in prison because it leads drunk and attacking police. They spend incredible amounts for drinks, expensive cars, clothes and women. It is characteristic that four Miss World spend his bed, with one of them to resign even its title to stay beside him. He admits several years after his retirement, saying one of the most famous quotes of:

"I spent 90% of my money on drinks, girls and fast cars. The rest, simply wasted "...