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22.04.2017 14:09 - Leader

Now that the sample is large, Zidane has proved he does not make the "politically correct" choices, but the choices he perceives as football and coaching right. He is the coach who taught Ronaldo the value of saving power and managing them better through rotation, in which he is now stably involved. He is the one who opens the roster and uses all his players in critical matches, without worrying about the next day's criticism in case of loss of wins and points. Behavior and choices shout that as a coach is, it manages to be, at least, in the realm of Real. In his ability to read the opponent well and to prepare for the big games, I was starting to mention his first Champions League match. What I saw in both battles with Bayern did not surprise me at all. Those who watch Real's games are now accustomed to seeing "delicious" footballers like Bale and Isko as well as Cristiano to discipline the coach's orders for the defensive part of their tactical obligations in the field and to defend themselves with the commitment In the defense plan and intensity. That's why when I saw Isho's behavior in Bernabeu's rematch, and the endless mile he made to defend himself as a left-handed defender in 4-4-2 with which Real defended and participated in the phase of possession of the ball at the beginning As a leftist middleman and then as "10th" I did not feel surprised.

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In Isho's behavior in this match, however, one could see how much the 24-year-old ballad had improved in Zidan's time in Real. "Suddenly" you see a footballer who can defend himself with central defense skills in the defense phase, and he can move into space vertically & horizontally to finish the phases as a second striker. That is, you see the most enriched repertoire ever presented by Isko. And you think this is happening at a time when it has not been established in Real's basic shape. And you applaud the coach who manages to train and develop him, but at the same time to create incentives for him to take from his best in the field even though he has not given him the basic jersey to take her home.

And it's not just Isok. You see the phase of Real's first goal in the match with Bayern and you have in front of you the jumps of progress that Kassimiro makes in the hands of Zidan and his associates. You see the performance of Karvahal, you admire the balance between inhibiting and creative activity, and you think that Zidane's hands have evolved into one of his top positions in Europe. You see the game of Marcello and you find that he has become more disciplined than ever with regard to the inhibiting part of his obligations without losing his creative and aggressive power. Do you think that you are watching the most full of goals in the year of Squire Ramos, that you are seeing Real's Best Real, that you discover the usefulness of Asiencio and Lucas Vassquete even in "rough" matches like this Bayern, you see a very smooth Cristiano's transition from the left to the center of the attack, that you see Benzema have lost 5 pounds of fat, that Kovacic can offer Real much more than you thought at the time of his transcription. And, above all, you think that all this Zidane combines with the efficiency that allows his team to championship in Spain and Europe.

I have not been able to come to a conclusion by looking at all the details of how he works and his methods about whether everything we see in Real's terrain over the last 15 months is only taken from His own head or out of those of his associates. Yet even if he is another or others who think and work for what we see, Zidan is applauding, because it is a great skill and a comparative advantage for a manager to recognize a good idea or a good method and adopt it. Whether he is coaching or conducting, Zidane does it better than Marcello Lippi, the coach who imagined Zizhou sitting on a bench after active action, and who most influenced him in relation to him With his perceptions of coaching.

On the eve of the rematch with Bayern, I was reading to the media in Madrid the reports recording Florentino Peret's mood to keep him on the bench for the next season no matter what the outcome of Real's attempt at the Spanish championship and the Champions League. Of course, no one believes this, first of all Zidan, whose public placements show how well he knows where he works, who he works with, and they show "my mind goes to the next game, not farther", the attitude of his coaching life Especially to Real. Whether or not he has stayed in the Champions League or not, Zidane has already delivered during the last 15 months a proof that he is a regular coach with a view to winning the championship. He became a great coach and not someone who took the diploma to make a second career only thanks to the brand name he created with his soccer shoes.

I would not change the word if it was blocked by Bayern or Real. And of course this text has nothing to do with what Kassay and his assistants did in Bernabeu. It is a pity that the referees did not allow us to keep seeing what we were seeing until the 84th minute, and it is undeniable that they altered the outcome of the second quarter-finals, but my text concerns what I have seen from Zidan in this match , As a consequence of the previous ones.