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The Last of the Mohicans !

18.02.2017 02:26 - Leader

With them lived with these great things, with these will leave tatty. The Arsene Wenger 21 years at the top level never changed, when everything around him changed. Will "die" with his ideas and the only problem is that it will "die", it certainly would be the case, but that "dying" in a bad way. Or maybe not;
Arsene Wenger 21 years now defended football creation and nothing else. Good football was, is and will always be for this priority. First this, then success as identifying everyone else. The Wenger sees football as a tool for success, seen as a means of fun, enjoyment. For this first Emirates has 60 000 spectators after 60 000 fans of Arsenal. And deep down if you asked him what he prefers to offer them in a match between a very bad game that will win 1-0 with one phase in the entire ninety-minute, or a hearty draw 4-4 in an incredible game, the answer it remains always the same. "The 4-4 course ...".

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That's how he made his team undefeated championship like this "birth" defensive midfielder like Fabregas that nothing had no traditional defensive midfielder. This is how Henri turned to lace center-Four, like that made Arsenal one group the first 15 years of playing the best football in the eye, and 'let's take fewer titles than those who corresponded. Always had themataki efficacy Arsene, but I did not mind much because they filled in the rest. Henri, the Bergkamp, ​​Pires the The Van Persie, football one contact, his own Tiki Taka, who came before the Tiki Taka. Those early years of this century, if you wanted to see true football had one option. Arsenal of Wenger. And played with Adams and columns stoppers! So many years later, however, when everything in football have changed, not to make the same recipe. No longer recipe for success. With the corresponding Adams and columns in defense, not only missing titles but good football. But Arsene never abandoned his ideas, never adjusted ..

Another idea that never changed was that Wenger never put today over tomorrow. Never one his title, one his best team, had for him more important than being good the club after five years. The Wenger was not a typical manager, was not a careerist. The Wenger was like a protector of Arsenal. His ambition began and ended there. That did not matter his own tomorrow. He did not go to Real in Barcelona, ​​in Bayern, in the French National in Paris, he had the proposals, since the money they gave him was more chaotic than those of Arsenal. He never faced Arsenal as one job, but like home. He made his life as manager nightmare, selling the best that was in the grass to build a new stadium for the Arsenal that would ensure prosperity for the next 30 years, knowing that most of them, he would not be there.

Today Arsenal is one of the richest clubs in the world and the next to come will have all the comfort to compete economically almost every club in the world. Now Arsenal for fun can make 100 to 150 mil. Euro signings every summer, can now participate in this madness he can not enter ...When Wenger will leave next summer for the house and the pension will be appreciated even more what he did.

Even though 'if the last five years he lost control, but not the self-control ...
Not only that securities missed, missed and most of the rest. Doses of this magnificent football ceased to be the norm. Because Arsenal with few exceptions, the major difficult match could no longer play this football. Ida barely started the denigration phenomenon is common. From 8-2 to Manchester United by 6-0 with Chelsea by 5-1 to Bayern from most major and critical match where Arsenal ceased to be even competitive ...

The question was more common than acceptance. The damage was too great and unfortunately the end different from what they would be. Because it was certain that Wenger will ... die defending his ideas. I will not ever change, only that football has changed so much that these ideas of success recipe became confident failure ... I have no doubt that football will be better if the ideas of Wenger had prevailed. The Wenger was right that persisted until the end. He never sold his ideas and leaves holding the flag up these ideas. The problem was that the end is bad that he did it, but he was slow to understand when to leave. If Wenger had gone along with his ideas before 3-4 years the legend would have curled iota.

Even though 'but so, even if they long to leave, as his retirement from football will leave a big gap. The time is not space ... Mohicans, but when he leaves the gap is irreplaceable. And it concerns football as a whole, because for Arsenal Wenger's departure itself will not be even bigger issue ...

Nothing will ever be the same again. And even 'if the racing track the next to come do better (though logically the ghost ... the male will swallow both the first three, as did the ... ghost of Sir Alex) Managers I care for Arsenal and not for his career probably will not find itself ..