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CL ...update !

17.03.2017 23:47 - Leader

We left behind the most entertaining, the most productive, the most full of surprises and twists, the more historical, or more simply the best round of 16 in the Champions League history. And it is true that after all those left behind would risk the continuity of the event not proved equal to the previous, that is not to rise to the expectations generated by our first year's knockout phase. The result of the draw but let us at least 3/4 the promise that not only will not strike at, but we will live next month of premium football moments. And such pairings that leave and promise for the semis and the final. It is hackneyed football is much better and safer to make estimates shortly before the start of a match, when you have in front of you all the data. And what happened between the two games of Leicester in Seville serves as the best proof. A team that looked "slain" in the evening of the first race had managed to "resurrect" the space of three weeks until the rematch. With all this in mind, today I put a note the first thoughts that lay my racing scenarios among the eight groups based on what we've seen from them in organizing and domestic leagues. Open discussion until update will do in about 25 days before the time of the first race.

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They were the only couple who wished not to meet, a few minutes after the end of Leverkusen - Atletico because a panicked the idea that we should follow two enenintalepta two groups who refuse the ball possession game and the game begins with the main objective to not accept goals and not to create opportunities. This year Atletico, which is the most daring creative version has shown us Chol Simeone, is no more than an average ball possession average of 50%. The Leicester left in Craig Shakespeare by Claudio Ranieri does not exceed in average 44%.
Approaching the event with positive thinking, I say that it is better that fell between them, because we survived even a dull couple that probably if they had been getting other opponents. And of course it has some interest to see if Leicester Shakespeare may slightly change its approach to the game, although it does not seem very likely this scenario.

Where has secured the stay in the Premier League Leicester will play the first game with great enthusiasm. And so I expect a Atletico created this year only for the Champions League and not to LaLiga. So on this premise one can support a longing for interesting encounters, full of tension in the game, very presingk many counterattacks. Today, Atletico looks favorite. But A month is a long time in football.

Not lost a minute of those two encounters between the most youthful teams, whose players will play with the consciousness that sees the exact football market, ready to grab whoever prove that they can make the same quality and in phase 8 the Champions League. The Monaco of the game against City was an eye catcher, Dortmund has enjoyable game time. The ones we've seen the two of them promise high volume, high speed, match very quickly, individual devices and a lot of influence of coaches in the development of games.
Today in my mind that Monaco is the favorite. Shows greater maturity, less volatility, rarely has ups and downs, and the ability to defend itself more effectively in duration compared to Dortmund. But the German team has a lot of talent and a very capable coach, who is not as toasted his opponent and struggles in his first time in the Champions League, and so it will not surprise the qualification.

Is that the old plate Ancelotti meet the new Ancelotti. Their teams have enough similarity to stop holding the games, but the game of Bayern remains more complex than the current game Real, perhaps because even the Germans carry traits and automation of the Guardiola era. Real still attaches to a very high standard, but Zinedine Zidane has already established a small tradition wants him to prepare very well the Champions League match. I will wait the result of the first game to appreciate what group perceive as favorites, because the virtue of the Real in the rapid and effective counterattack is grown in the Zidane era, and in my mind it can be proved able to give a favorable result in the first game . The Bayern of Ancelotti still delivers a low tempo, but if it continues to show signs that molded on the hour, as traditionally happens in the groups trained by Italian, it is possible to manage to dominate the first game and build a lead qualification.

And here I will repeat itself, one month is a long time to estimate the racing situation in which you are the groups in their first meeting, and so it is early to final estimates. Today in my mind there is no favorite.
The most interesting of the two "heavy" couples, in my own mind. This is because our past has shown that we can expect a lot of strategy by Juventus Alegre, but also very well especially racing shots of Luis Enrique for these lots. The assessment that this Champions League, which is the last of Enrique with Barca, may be the last of Alegre with Juve, makes this game even more interesting: both coaches will play change.

If Juve not kept such low speeds throughout the season so far, the observer could appreciate that this couple will give birth to yet more recreational batch phase of 8. The ones I've seen from Juve in SerieA and what I saw by the way of the game against Porto imply that the Allegro will seek to go both games at a low rate, and that authority will try to spoil the attacks of Barca and cut the supply of Messi, Neymar, Suarez at the Camp Nou match.

In the event that the couple does not expect to change much over the next 25 days. If base its assessment on the assumption that both will have the opportunity to present in the first match of their best lineups, Barcelona is in my mind the favorite, but Juventus have the right to believe that they will make it. Even if it had an effective inhibitory central means to put in front of the central defenders, may now be perceived as a favorite.